Tie Dye T-Shirt Party

Published : 18/02/2009 13:24:04
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My wife and I took our children to San Francisco last year for a family wedding. My wife's brother was getting married, and it was a great excuse to have a family adventure. It definitely turned out to be a great adventure. When we came home, we had a hippie party, to celebrate our visit to the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco.

My eight year old son wore this shirt to school several months later, and his teacher was taken by it. She decided to have a Tie Dye party in school as part of an art project. Each kid was asked to bring in one white T-shirt. To her credit, she opened the party up to siblings of her students too, so my five year old daughter who goes to the same school was able to attend.

She and the art teacher did some research on the internet to figure out exactly what process they would follow. They pre-mixed the colors, and let the kids pick which mixes they would use. Colourful party supplies like paper plates and bowls were used to serve up some snacks, in the same bright colours as the dye. My wife attended the party with our daughter, and had a great time. She came home with both kids and all of their hands were dyed. I think they did that on purpose, and my wife confirmed that the kids had more fun dying their hands than dying the shirts. 

Personally, I thought this was a great art project too. So many of the projects that the kids make can't be easily displayed or stored.  And, quite frankly, some of them are just not that good. That is what I like about this project-the kids will have something they can wear, be proud of, and display for all to see. To me, that is a fun lesson and a nice product.



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