Tips for planning a 50th anniversary party

Published : 04/01/2009 19:36:56
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Planning a 50th anniversary party can be easy if you place some forethought into beforehand and head online to buy your party decorations. One thing you should keep in mind is that the 50th wedding anniversary is considered the gold anniversary, so you will want to theme your party accordingly. Cream is a nice accompanying color with gold, so you may choose to use cream and gold tableware such as tablecovers, napkins, cups, and plates. You may also enjoy using 50th wedding anviersary party supplies, but that choice is up to you. You can further decorate the event by adding helium gold and cream solid balloons as well as curled ribbon around the tables.

One great idea to keep the grandchildren entertained, since most grandparents will want the younger ones there to celebrate with them at the 50th wedding anniversary party, is to place bottles of bubbles in the center of each table. These as well as a few kid's party bags will keep children happily occupied.

You may also choose to ask guests to bring old photos of the couple with them to the 50th anniversary party instead of gifts. At the party, you can have a large white scrapbook available for them to place their photos in along with some decorative charms. This way, the couple has a memory book of their party composed by all their friends and family members making it a gift they will never forget.

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