Tips for the perfect stag party

Published : 04/02/2009 18:45:35
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As best man you have many responsibilities leading up to the day you force your buddy to stumble down the alter hung over. However, remembering the ring and renting a tuxedo aside, one of the most important things that you have to do is throw a stag party for your buddy that he will never forget. After all, a man only gets one stag party in his lifetime and it is your job to make sure it's memorable.

Before the evening of debauchery commences, you will want to have everyone in your stag party sign a non-disclosure form. Making up your own silly rules, such as "I will not give out names of who ended up over the toilet tonight" and other inside jokes among the groom and your friends will start the stag party out with a good laugh and set the mood for the rest of the stag party.

From here, you will want to head online for stag party supplies including a ball and chain accessory if you can find one to drape around the groom’s head. Also before the night of the stag party you will want to make sure your guests and the groom have bachelor shirts that say things such as "Stock falling" or "Off the market soon" or "taken as of tomorrow, but available tonight!"

Of course, you probably know what the rest of the night of a stag party consists of: plenty of beer, a night at the bars, and a denoted designated driver to make sure the groom makes it home so he can wake up in time for his wedding! After all, the groom has the rest of his life to get yelled at by his wife, as the best man you should protect him from this on his first day of marriage!


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