Tips for Valentine's Day Party fun

Published : 31/01/2009 13:32:32
Categories : Seasonal Parties

Are you thinking about planning a Valentine's Day party this year? It can be easy to make a Valentine's party for children that they will never forget, with just a few simple party supplies and decorations. In fact, add in just a few more extras, and you can throw a party that will be the talk of the playground for weeks to come.

To start, you can get the basics out of the way by purchasing red, pink, and white party tableware basics such as plates, table covers, and cups. On each of the tables you may also want to toss some pink heart confetti to light up the table settings. Add in a colourful ice cream sundae centrepiece and you will have a sweet looking Valentine Day Party theme.

To spice up your party, you could have a friend or your spouse, drop into the party dressed as Cupid, or an angel, and give each of the attendees their special Valentine's Day party bags filled with candy hearts and a special message from Cupid!

You may want to also decorate your home with red and white balloons to further give it an easy Valentine's Day festive party mood. You can use both helium filled foil balloons and latex balloons to complete the look, allowing the pink and white helium balloons to float to the ceiling, and allowing the red and white latex balloons to sit on the floor.

At the end of the party, you can tell your young guests that every Valentine's Day balloon they pop, is one more day of good luck in love, leading the kids to a pop fest, which will effectively help you clean up later as well as giving the children a fun activity. Have a Happy Valentine's day party kid's!

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