'Tis The Season To Be... Cynical

Published : 11/09/2010 10:20:19
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Happy Christmas! 'Tis the season to be... thoroughly fed up because it's only early September and already the shops are starting to deck the halls with boughs of plastic. Today I have seen my first display of festive mince pies on sale, although tins of Christmas chocolates have been on sale for at least three weeks. It can certainly feel as though 360 days of the year are merely provided by retailers for our convenience, so that we can plan to buy items for Christmas, Easter, New Year, Halloween and Bonfire Night. [caption id="attachment_951" align="alignright"

width="150" caption="Peppa Pig Christmas Crackers"]Peppa Pig Christmas Crackers[/caption]

But of course, in one sense there is a level of convenience provided. Because by buying a few items now, such as Peppa Pig Christmas crackers, table decorations, and other odds and ends like party poppers, it means we'll have less to do when Christmas really is upon us, and helps the budget go further. It's always amazing how many last minute purchases you need to make, and although they may seem financially inconsequential, it's surprising just how it all adds up. Why not grit your teeth and pick up a few bargains while no one's looking? Your New Year's credit card statement will thank you for it.

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