Tombola Party Night

Published : 26/12/2008 08:26:57
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

A tombola party night can be great fun, the tombola is a simple barrel with a handle that rotates it on a stand, and its purpose is to mix up the tickets that can then by removed by hand. This can be a game of bingo with numbered balls, it can be a lottery with numbered pieces of paper or it can be a lucky dip of party bags.

 A tombola party night can be themed for adults, children or families; you can also use the tombola for games where you have to act out a television show to the other party guests. This game can be achieved by putting random names into the tombola and then drawing out the names of each player to act out. Whatever you decide to do for the party you will have great fun! Make sure that the tombola gifts are appealing to the age groups at the party and your party will be a hit.

A Tombola Party may sound a bit quaint and it may make you think back to your youth and the church or school fair. There was always a tombola and a prize to be one. But your prizes needn't be a knitted toilet roll cover or a home made peg bag. In fact this age old fairground attraction can be easily updated to cater for the tastes of a 21st century party audience and if you jazz up the barrel, whip up a bit of excitement in the crowd and roll out scratch card prizes, bottles of wine and gift vouchers you're likely to have a bit of a party wow factor on your hands this year.

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