Top 10 Kid’s Party Games: What to Include

Published : 29/11/2008 13:57:08
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Outlined below are some simple kid's party games that will help to keep the attention span of your young guests.

  1. Contest: Depending on your group, whether boys or girls, you may want to consider something along the lines of a hula hoop contest for girls or a remote control race for boys. Anything your group is interested in; make a small contest to determine a “winner”. Ensure you have a few haribo or other small pocket money toys as gifts for the kids who didn't’t win as well as the main prize.
  2. Guessing Games: You'll notice how kids love the excitement of not knowing. This is why games such as 20 questions are popular. In general, one kid will step out of the room while the other kid's decide an object they want the other to guess. Then, the kid that left is allotted 20 questions in order to figure out what it is.
  3. Freeze Game/Musical Statues: This is where you play music and some, someone yells “freeze” or stops the music (which I think works better). When that person says freeze, they participants have to freeze until the music starts again. If anyone moves, they’re out of the game.
  4. Red Light, Green Light: Same concept, with a little twist. A group of participants stand at one end of the room while one person stands at the other. The kids will walk towards the other side of the room. When the leader says green light they walk, when they say red light they stop. The kids have to remain still until green light is said again. If they move, they are out.
  5. Hot Potato: Again, this is another timed game. Although the game is labelled hot “potato”, a bean bag will work just fine. When the music starts, the kids toss around a beanbag. When it stops, the person that is holding the bean bag is out.
  6. Guess the Price: Kids love gifts. This is a fun way to give them. Line up the gifts and have the kids guess the price. Whoever is close to each one gets it.
  7. Hide and Seek: This is always a favourite of kids in general and can also be used as a game at a kid's party. Add another dimension and play the game outside in the dark using glow bracelets. All you can really see are the glow sticks as they appear to dash around in the dark. You can colour co ordinate the game and have all those with blue bracelets as a team of people who are “it”
  8. Telephone/Chinese Whispers: This is where everyone gets in a circle and passes around a message. One person picks a message to send. By the time it gets to the last person, they say it out loud. It's funny to see how the message gets distorted, this one really cracks the kids up.
  9. Water Balloon: Fill up a bunch of water balloons and let the kids run free! Maybe save this one for the summer months though.
  10. OK so there's only 9 kid's party games here. Kind of hoping someone out there will be able to come up with party game number 10……?


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