Top 4 Free Locations For Outdoor Parties (and how to get your cake there safely)

Published : 12/05/2016 21:36:20
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Parties can get expensive. If you would rather save your money for gifts, decorations and an awesome custom made cake then why not break the mould and take your celebrations outside to one of these great free locations for an outdoor party.

Yes you will need the weather on your side, however with a little forward planning and a gazebo or two of these top 4 free locations for outdoor parties are sure to please your guests from start to finish.


Just because you cannot afford to take your guests to the Caribbean for your birthday doesn’t mean you cant bring the Caribbean to them.  1st up on our list of top 4 free locations for outdoor parties is the beach.

Hosting your birthday party at the beach provides you with endless options for both party themes and activities. Children parties can be filled with running races and sand castle building competitions while the adults can be kept busy with pina colada’s and a tug of war tournament. How about a beach hut cake for the guest of honour too.


Second up on our list of top 4 free locations for outdoor parties is the humble local park.  This is a great location for all ages; from a simple 1st birthday picnic or 7th birthday scavenger hunt all the way up to a grown up gathering. 

Some parks have rules on what you can and cant bring – be sure to check ahead as you may be pleasantly surprised, some local parks even allow gazebos, music and BBQs.


Next on the list of our of top 4 free locations for outdoor parties is one for the grown-ups.  Take your party to the waters edge and celebrate in style with a Champagne picnic.

Pack a few picnic hampers with food (we love these ones from John Lewis), fill your cool boxes with a bottle of bubbles and head to the riverbank for an afternoon of decadent adult celebrations. Don’t forget a Champagne bottle birthday cake to complete the theme.


Why not let nature be your party entertainer and set up an obstacle course party in the woods., Or have a den building competition and used the finished articles as the venue for your birthday tea. 

Top Tips For Transporting Your Cake

Once you have decided on what one of our of top 4 free locations for outdoor parties you are going choose its time to start planning the actual event.

Transporting your birthday cake to your outdoor party location can sometimes provide a headache before the first cork has even been popped. Remove the worry and stress from this with our top tips…

  1. Ensure you have a sturdy, well fitting box for your cake.
  2. If your cake is multi-tiered it may be safer to transport each layer in separate boxes.
  3. Bring a friend along to hold the cake upright and secure on their lap during the journey.
  4. If you are unable to have someone to help, place a gym mat flat in your boot and the cake box on that. The grip of the gym mat will help to stop the cake box moving around.
  5. If your journey is to be a long one then think about temperature control for the cake.  On a hot day the cake may get damaged in a non air-conditioned boot.

Are you planning on using one of our top 4 free locations for outdoor parties? We’d love to know how you get on.

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