Top Birthday Cakes for Girls

Published : 13/04/2009 06:13:01
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Girls birthday parties are a huge deal, it's important that you follow the trend and make sure that you provide a really girly birthday cake at the event. Many a diva's birthday gets ruined by one thing or another-her princess dress gets stained; she doesn't get the right Barbie etc. Some things are beyond control. But if you're an adoring parent who wants to make sure your beautiful baby girl will still have lots of great childhood memories, here's one thing you can have absolute control over-the birthday cake. Girls birthday cakes can be overpriced at times, but a beautiful birthday doesn't have to be expensive. You can use popular children's party supplies to coordinate with the cake and make the big day come together in a snap (Disney Princess parties are always a favourite). Add in some Disney Princess plates for the cake and follow the below tips for a birthday cakes that can’t go wrong!

Tips for saving money on your Birthday cakes:

Put Barbie in the cake and decorate it. Make your birthday cake at home and you'll not only save money, but you can make Barbies ball gown any shape, size, and colour you like. If your daughter wants to help decorate, this could also become a fun party activity.

Have a favourite family member make the cake. A friend of mine has long since left home and gotten married, but her dad still makes her birthday cake every year. He likes to pick a theme and then add party supplies that match. This can be a great if you have a talented parent or friend who is eager or willing to spend the time doing this for you.

Stick to your strengths. My poor mother tried to cut my birthday cake into a rose one year. The end result? More of a cabbage. Don't overdo it. You can keep it simple and still make it cute; try stripes or dots of frosting in her favourite colours. Some parents like doing fancy cupcakes. Short and sweet yet fabulous mini birthday cakes!

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