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Published : 07/02/2009 18:57:38
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If you are throwing a party for one of your children, the question of party bags, and what to fill them with, inevitably will arise. Few components of your party will cause as much anxiety as these party bags. Not only will the children judge you, but so will their parents (possibly). And, if your kids stick with a group of other kids, those kids and their parents may be comparing your party bags to the party bags they've received from the other parties they have attended. The pressure is on. What will you do?

Selecting top party bag fillers is a great way to go. The idea here is to pick either current themes or timeless classics. Before you pick your party bag fillers, you do need to think through a few questions. How old are your party attendees? Are they all boys, all girls, or a mixed audience? You already know not to fill bags with Bratz dolls if you are hosting a party for your eight year old son's football team, although this does work as a great deterrent when good behaviour is lacking.   If your kid's attend parties in groups, as my son's football team does, another point to consider is, unfortunately, what has been used as party bag fillers to date. You can't very well use beaded purses in the party bags if your daughter's last three parties all contained this item.

For girls, obviously Disney Princess Party Bags are popular for all ages. Younger girls love Dora the Explorer. For boys, sports make great themes. For both boys and girls, recent movies are great themes, especially movies that spawn follow-on toys such as High School Musical or Transformers. Classic cartoon characters, like Scooby Doo, are a great choice, as are more current characters. Again, age makes a difference.

You don't have to go down the themed route for top party bag fillers though. You'll want the bags themselves to be themed but you usually you'll get a much better quality toy for the same money you would spend on a lesser themed item. Oh and if you are adding in a few cheaper party bags fillers to keep the costs down, remember that If you have to explain the filler to the kids, then it's probably not a good choice.

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