Top Tips For Choosing And Using Party Balloons

Published : 04/04/2013 20:18:02
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Top Tips For Choosing And Using Party BalloonsInteresting Fact Of The Day: Did you know that on this day in 1964 The Beatles (you've heard of them, right?) managed to occupy not only the number one position in the US pop charts, but also numbers two, three, four and five? The songs were 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Twist and Shout', 'She Loves You', 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' and 'Please Please Me', and this is the only time a pop group have ever managed this. To this day they remain the best selling pop band in history. Which brings us on to our party tip of the day. Pop. Not the fizzy stuff which makes kids burp, but the inevitable thing that seems to happen to all party balloons. Today we have a few top tips on choosing, inflating, decorating and maintaining party balloons. We hope you won't feel let down.

1. Colour Coordinate

Balloons can be fun, and can make a real statement when used as decorations, but don't make the mistake of thinking that colour coordination means that everything has to be the same colour. Colour coordinated party decorations invariably use two colours to really make both stand out. So a pirate party for children might use both black and red balloons, and a wedding anniversary might use white and pink balloons. A fairy or princess party might use pink and green, and an under the sea party might use blue and green. You get the idea. You'll find that by combining two colours your displays stand out much better, and have much more of an impact.

2. To Bunch Or Not To Bunch

Tying balloons into bunches is often the way people decorate a room for a party, and certainly this does make a display stand out much better than having single balloons on their own. However, a bunch of balloons is not the most original way of creating a display, so it might be worth thinking about alternatives. Obviously if you have a disposable helium tank for inflating balloons at the party venue you can create some great displays fairly easily, such as balloon arches. Just use a piece of string or ribbon to tie the balloons together in a long line. You might also look at creating a vertical fountain of balloons by staggering the heights of the strings on balloons tied to a single weight, creating a more vertical bunch than is often used. With a bit of imagination it’s possible to create some fun balloon displays, with or without helium. For example, for a princess or fairy party you could create a simple wire frame of a tree and attach brown balloons to the trunk, and a large cloud of green balloons around the top area to create a balloon tree.

3. Make Them Last

Certainly one of the biggest problems when using balloons for decorating is making them last. This is especially true if using helium because helium molecules are much smaller than most other molecules found in normal air, which means that they can escape through the membrane of the balloon more easily. A solution to this is to apply 'Ultra High Float' to the latex balloons, which will make them last considerably longer. It’s what the professionals use when creating their balloon displays, and means you can do more in advance without worrying about them starting to deflate before the party has started.

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