Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year In The UK

Published : 14/09/2011 11:47:05
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happy-40th-anniversary-table-confettiHalf a million people in the UK get married to each other each year, which according to my maths means that there are roughly a quarter of a million weddings every year. That's an awful lot of wedding cake and confetti. Statistics show that the average wedding in the UK costs around £20,000, which means that annually we British are spending approximately £5 billion on getting hitched each year. To be honest that's how much it felt my wedding cost, although I'm assured it was marginally less than that.

The point though is that having a quarter of a million weddings every year means more and more people are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Wedding anniversaries are very special days (as long as you remember them!) but it can be difficult to know what to buy someone, or how to decorate a room if you're having a special anniversary meal or celebration.

To add to the confusion different countries tend to associate different things with different anniversary celebrations. For example in the UK the 1st anniversary is traditionally cotton, whereas in the US it's paper. In the UK the second anniversary is paper, whereas in the US it's cotton, and the 6th anniversary is sugar in the UK and iron in the US. Certainly in that case it's easier to post someone a chocolate bar than an iron bar. So to help anyone looking for advice on suitable anniversary gifts or themes for anniversary parties here is a complete list of anniversary gift themes by year for the UK.

  • 1st Anniversary - Paper
  • 2nd Anniversary - Cotton
  • 3rd Anniversary - Leather
  • 4th Anniversary - Linen
  • 5th Anniversary - Wood
  • 6th Anniversary - Iron
  • 7th Anniversary - Copper
  • 8th Anniversary - Bronze
  • 9th Anniversary - Pottery
  • 10th Anniversary - Tin/Aluminium
  • 11th Anniversary - Steel
  • 12th Anniversary - Silk
  • 13th Anniversary - Lace
  • 14th Anniversary - Ivory
  • 15th Anniversary - Crystal
  • 20th Anniversary - China
  • 25th Anniversary - Silver
  • 30th Anniversary - Pearl
  • 35th Anniversary - Coral/Jade
  • 40th Anniversary - Ruby
  • 45th Anniversary - Sapphire
  • 50th Anniversary - Gold
  • 55th Anniversary - Emerald
  • 60th Anniversary - Diamond

We have a wide selection of room decorations and table decorations, including table confetti and serviettes which will match many of these anniversaries. We also sell balloons, including helium balloons, which can really help to decorate a room or table in a suitably colourful way.

This list is helpful not just for those people looking to find out which sort of gift to buy, but also for those trying to identify how they should decorate a table or room for an anniversary celebration. For occasions such as the 1st anniversary, 2nd or 4th anniversary a white theme is ideal, whereas a brown theme is perfect for a 3rd or 5th anniversary.

A silver theme is ideal for 10th, 11th and 25th anniversaries, with bronze or copper colours being used for 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th anniversaries. Obviously special occasions such as jade, ruby, gold or emerald anniversaries speak for themselves when it comes to theming the decorations for the table or room, and most of the others can easily be themed using any of the colours or styles of decoration we have on our main website. Remember, if you're looking to buy helium balloons the cheapest and most convenient option is to buy our helium balloon kit which includes a disposable helium tank which you can use to inflate the balloons at the location where and when you need them. Don't forget to pick up some string and balloon weights too - and even these can be bought in a range of colours to help complement the colour theme of the rest of the room.

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