Travel Themed Cakes For Holiday Lovers

Published : 08/06/2016 18:55:53
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Everyone loves a holiday right? So why not plan your next party theme around your favourite holiday destination, host a round the world fancy dress party or have a beach party with one of our great travel themed cakes as your centrepiece. 

Our travel themed cakes for holiday lovers are also fantastic for Bon Voyage parties and the perfect way to say goodbye to friends and loved ones before they head off travelling around the world.

Travel themed cakes for holiday lovers

Here at Parteaz we have loads of options when choosing a travel themed cake for holiday lovers, and even if we don’t have the cakes of your dreams already listed on our site, our team of designers are on hand to create a custom made cake tailored perfectly to your event.

First up on our list of travel themed cakes for holiday lovers is the classic aeroplane cake.  What says ‘holidays’ more than an aeroplane – and this one comes in vanilla or chocolate sponge and can be personalised with a message of your choice, so it’s almost as a good a trip on the real thing.

If your party is for a road trip lover then look no further than our Mercedes Convertible cake.   This exciting design will leave everyone at the party dreaming of driving out to the country in an open-topped classic car for a weekend at a country house full of 50’s glamour. This is a great cake for those luxury holiday lovers amongst us. However if your guest of honours taste in vehicles is a little more rustic then look no further than our fantastic range of Camper Van cakes and f they have a need for speed we have a great choice of motorbike cakes too.

Keeping with the glamour theme, next up we have a cake for those who idea of a good holiday is chartering a luxury boat around idyllic islands somewhere nice and hot. And for those whose transport of choice is a little larger, our Cruise Ship travel themed cake for holiday lovers is the one for them.

Travellers who still dream of days gone by will love this travel themed train cake.  Train travel is full of movie-like allure and mystique – a flawless theme for a fantastically opulent grown-up party and this cake will finish the event off seamlessly.

Finally, the last cake of our travel themed cakes for holiday lovers is one perfect for saying goodbye ahead of a round-the-world trip. Our famous Globe Cake again comes in a choice of vanilla or chocolate sponge and can be personalised with a message of goodbye and good luck. This cake will send your loved ones off with a smile on their face and remind them of how much you will miss them while they are gone.  There is also an option to customise the person sitting on top of the cake to match the likeness of your loved one – speak to a member of a design team for more information.

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