Treasure Hunt Party

Published : 03/02/2009 18:34:59
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My eight year old son plays football with a group of boy's. They have played together for the last three years, in a fall outdoor league, a spring outdoor league, and for the last two years a winter indoor league. There is an occasional new kid that joins the team, and an occasional kid that drops off, but the same nucleus of a dozen or so kids has stuck together.

This is great for the boys, and their ability to play as a team. It is mostly good for us parents, because we all know each other now too, but there is one challenge that we are all still struggling with. The boys are all good friends, and invite the team to their birthday party. This creates relentless pressure on us parents to come up with something original and fun for our son's party. It is a huge responsibility.

One boy's parents recently threw him a pirate party. I thought this was a great idea. They had a pirate cake, pirate bandanas, and pirate eye patches for the kids to wear. All of this stuff was great fun, but they also planned out a treasure hunt. They had circle chocolate biscuits wrapped in gold and silver foil that looked like coins. These were strategically located in their back garden, with clues that, when followed, would lead to the mother lode. The kid's started hunting with every man for himself, and then gradually formed into bigger and bigger teams. Finally, there were two teams vying for the treasure. Once the treasure was found, the boys staged a mock sword fight over it.   In the end, the birthday boy triumphed, and opened the treasure chest. It was filled with sweets, of course. He divided the treasure hunt booty and every kid brought some home. Arrr, me hearty!

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