Truth or Dare Party Games

Published : 17/06/2009 10:49:12
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If you are in the midst of throwing a party and you find that most of your guests have somehow been over served, what do you do? In my opinion the usual boisterous and noisy party games are out the window and something a bit more settling may be in order. You might not want guys who have had a bit too much, taking on a diving contest from the high board, chances are you could wake up tomorrow with one of them still on the bottom of the pool. For the un-athletically inclined there are still dangers, in that you may be cleaning up for some time to come, not to mention the loss of some of the "good" China to breakage. So, what to do?How about creating party games based on a combination of "Show and Tell" and “Truth or Dare" The show and tell part can be modified depending on how close the friendship is between you and the rest of the revelers. Just remember that tomorrow is another day and if there was too much “show” and a few too many "tells", there could be consequences after the hangovers are but a memory. The "Truth or Dare" part is a bit intriguing, if everyone has a pleasant "buzz" going, you might just find out things that you have always wanted to know, but maybe, some things that you don't.It's a double edged sword especially if some of your guests get talkative with a few belts under their belts. Depending on your motivation you can steer any party games away from, or toward personal confessions that is if you are on steady ground, consumption wise. If you are not totally sober you might want to remember to get everyone as drunk as possible so that, hopefully they won't remember telling that one about your husband and Fred's wife. Provide charming party bags for your guests to leave your party with at the end of your drinking session, just be wary of popping in any revealing polaroid as a memento of the party.

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