Try Children's party bags filled with mixed toys

Published : 24/02/2009 18:54:37
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Some parties that we host are just for my son's all boys football team. Some parties that we host are for my daughter's friends, and they are all girls. However, we do occasionally have parties with both boys and girls, and that's where the trouble lies. Specifically, what do we do about the party bags?    Among the under ten years crowd that my kids associate with, there is fierce social pressure to provide quality party bags at every event. While this pressure translate into stress for me, the parent, I think the stress is a little less when we are planning a boys-only or a girls-only party. Especially with the girls-only party, my younger daughter can usually guide me as to what should go into her party bags. My son is more interested in the quantity of items that go into his party bags, but he too can be counted on for help. When we get to mixed party bags for boys and girls, the degree of helpfulness tends to drop into the realm of bickering with each other. This does not help me at all.

I have learned some basic rules. A few blue things are ok, as long as there are other colours. One or two pink sweets are ok, but they can't outnumber the blue ones. Princess items are definitely out of the question, but footballs are ok, as some of the girls play too. Animal shaped sweets, and animal toys are a big hit. Dogs and cats are good, but again cats cannot outnumber dogs. Most jewelry is banned, except for the sweets that are formed like a jewel on a ring. All the kids love those. Gender free gum for party bags is a favourite too, although not for the smaller kid's.

A quick comment on the party bag itself is warranted too. Dinosaurs are on the margin. Princesses are out of the question. I prefer a multi-coloured bag with not too much pink, and not too much blue. After all, we have to keep the kids happy. Next time though I think i may just buy girls and boys filled party bags ready to go, know my numbers and be done with it. Then again I do like a challenge!

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