Try the all new Exercise Party for 2009

Published : 10/01/2009 08:14:45
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If you like to be the first in your circle of friends to follow the recent fads, you may want to try out an exercise party.  From celebrities to those who wish they had celebrity fame, exercise parties are sweeping the globe as looking and feeling fit is in.

Of course, for your exercise party you are going to need a completely different set of party supplies than the typical party, although you may make a few exceptions.  For example, some vibrant stars on the wall such as a James Dean may help motivate your friends to get themselves in tip top shape.

You also are going to want to choose appropriate music for your exercise party which can be the current hits, or golden classics. Choose whatever you and your friends enjoy, but make sure you keep your tunes upbeat and cheerful. Don't forget to add in twister for a few extra laughs whilst performing some unusual stretching exercises.

Since providing workout equipment such as weights and bounce balls can get expensive, you may ask your friends to bring their own gear to your party when you send out their invites.  For those of you who want to throw an exercise party, but are unsure how to properly structure it, many gyms have physical trainers who are available to host exercise parties, much like a Tupperware host so you may consider booking one for the day.

While you probably will want to forgo a cake for your exercise party, as it is a semi-defeating treat at the end of the party, you will still want to make sure you provide your friends with some healthy treats as they will probably be ravished after they finish exercising. You might consider providing smoothie shakes as a healthy fun alternative to the heavy traditional type of party food.   Of course, even with the shakes, make sure you have plenty of water to keep you and your friends hydrated whilst moving and grooving to the beat of your exercise party!  With any luck, one day can turn into a weekly event that will inspire healthy living among your whole group.

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