Twin Turbo V8 Car Themed Parties For Would-Be Stigs

Published : 10/04/2013 09:00:42
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jeremy-clarksonHappy 52nd birthday Jeremy Clarkson! We hope he has one of the best birthdays…. in the world! Is your child car mad?

Whether he or she is into their racing cars, toy cars, Disney Cars or they even harbours ambitions of one day becoming the Stig, here's how to put together a twin turbo V8 car themed party. Whether your child likes Disney Cars in particular, or cars in general, the bright and colourful Disney Cars party products is an ideal way of getting your car themed party off to a great start.

From party invitations to goody bags, tablecovers to napkins and balloons, the Disney Cars range is very appealing and always popular.

When it comes to the food, there are plenty of ways of fuelling the excitement for cars. If you’re in our catchment area then you may be interested in ordering one of our handmade car themed birthday cakes, but beyond that there are other ways of creating car themed food.

For example, Oreo biscuits make great wheels when propped up sideways against a red box of biscuits, cakes or sandwiches, and with a little effort you can easily create a pile of sausage rolls which look like a rough shape of a car (use cocktail sticks to hold them together).

For decorating the room you may want to look at using red, black and white as the colours. Red is a bright and energetic colour which matches the Disney cars range brilliantly, whilst the black and white colours reflect the idea of a finish flag. In fact you can always create this effect on the table itself. Just grab a black tablecover and a heap of white paper napkins. Spread the black tablecover across the table, and then create a checkerboard pattern using the white napkins.

Make sure you think about the games too. Traditional games such as Musical Chairs can be themed by printing and cutting out A4 pictures of car wheels, and then getting the children to stand on these rather than sit on chairs.

Let us know if you’re putting together a car themed party for your child, or if you have any great ideas - just add your comment below.

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