Two Activities For Your Children To Do This Easter

Published : 23/03/2012 09:00:05
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Children really enjoy Easter egg huntsWith Easter not that long away now (it's only 17 days until Easter Sunday!) many parents are already starting to think about Easter parties for their children, or at least planning Easter activities. With the clocks already put forward (this weekend - don't forget!) and the weather much nicer there's so much optimism about everything that creating beautiful craft items seems such a happy activity. Rather than bare trees, dead mushy leaves and mud we're looking at sunshine, baby chicks, eggs, flowers, blossom and colour. So if you're thinking about Easter activities here are a couple of ideas you may find your children really enjoy

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

You can do this either indoors or outdoors, and children always enjoy a treasure hunt. If you're going to do it indoors then buy a bag of those small sugar coated chocolate eggs and hide these around a room. You can often be fairly creative about where they go. Make sure though that you know exactly how many eggs you've hidden, and also make sure that any pets such as dogs and cats are well out of the way! Give each child a bowl or a bag and then let them loose. If you have more than one child then you can let them compete to see who gets most eggs. If one child is older than the other then you can have each child confined to one side of the room, or even have them in adjacent rooms. If you have a garden then you could transfer this outside, but in this case it's best to either use wrapped sweets or eggs, or buy a bag of plastic egg shaped containers which pop apart, and then insert a small toy or sweet inside each one. (You can buy these plastic eggs from most toy shops, or you can pick up a bag of 12 for £1.99 from Amazon -

Egg Tree Table Decoration

If you have a dining table or even a coffee table then your children will really enjoy making this table decoration for Easter. Children always like making something that will then be displayed so prominently everyone will see it. Take your children out to the garden, the park or the woods and grab a handful of twigs. It's best to get ones with lots of little twiggy bits growing off the central stick. When you get back home, spray these twigs white. You can buy white spray paint in most craft shops, but you can also pick it up for a couple of pounds from most DIY stores (Such as this one from B&Q - Once the paint has dried, pop the white twigs into a vase. The next task is for your children to design and create decorations to hang from these twigs, almost like a sort of Christmas tree. One easy idea is to cut out egg shapes from white cardboard and then have your children decorate these in a variety of colours and styles, using pens, glitter and anything else to hand! This makes a really eye catching and beautiful table centre that your children will really enjoy making, and really enjoy showing off to anyone who comes round!

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