Two Alcohol Free Cocktails For Pregnant Women

Published : 05/10/2011 16:05:22
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Being pregnant and expecting a baby is a wonderful thing. Until you find yourself surrounded by friends and family who are all enjoying a variety of exciting looking, sounding and smelling cocktails. Obviously you have to be careful, and most expectant women tend to avoid the alcohol completely, which is certainly a good thing.

But just because you're either having a baby or you're the designated driver, it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on all the fun. There are plenty of amazing cocktail recipes which you can enjoy this summer without having any worries at all as they're all alcohol free. Here are our two personal favourites (oh it's a hard job this, but someone has to do it!)

The Shirley Temple For this great little cocktail you just need: 6oz ginger ale 1.5 tsp grenadine Orange slices or cherry for garnish Simply pour the ginger ale over crushed ice and then top with grenadine before adding your garnish. In fact this cocktail recipe is very similar to a Roy Rogers, for which you simply exchange the ginger ale for caffeine free cola.

Virgin Mary You've of course heard of a Bloody Mary, not to be recommended when you're pregnant. This recipe is a much safer one as it's completely alcohol free. The ingredients you need are: 3oz tomato juice 3oc cranberry juice 0.5 tsp Tabasco (or more if you prefer!) 1 tsp limejuice Fresh ground black pepper Celery or lime to garnish. This is also very simple. Once you have all of your ingredients just pour them all in together over crushed ice and then top with your garnish. Add more Tabasco and pepper if you're feeling hot!

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