Two Bar Betchas To Help You Get A Few Free Drinks

Published : 10/09/2011 22:20:57
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The only problem with going out for a beer with a few friends is that it's sometimes necessary to part with cash. Which is why having a few bar betchas and party tricks up your sleeve is especially handy. Betting someone you can do something that seems to be patently impossible is a great way of getting yourself some free drinks, or at least winding up a few friends, which is almost as much fun. Throughout this blog we've included quite a few bar stunts and tricks, and today we're going to cover not just one way of getting yourself a free drink, but two. You can either make that two free drinks, or just have them buy you takeout afterwards as well. So here goes with the first free drink: bar-with-bottles-room-roll

Free Drink #1 - The Bottle & The £20 Note

For this betcha you need a beer bottle, one that's preferably only just been finished with, and a paper note such as a £10 or £20 note. Place the note on the bar or table, and then tip the bottle upside down and balance it right on top of the note. The challenge is to try to remove the note without touching the bottle, and without the bottle tipping over. The usual way in which people try to do this is to hold one end of the note and then to pull really quickly. Very occasionally you will find someone who manages this, which is why it's always best to use a bottle that's still slightly damp. This moisture will act like a kind of adhesive gluing the note to the lip of the bottle, making this attempt fail every time. Bet your friends a round of drinks that you can do it. After they've had a go themselves a few times they'll be so desperate either to know the secret or for you to prove that it was impossible all along that they'll probably be quite happy to go along with your wager. So how do you achieve this seemingly impossible feet?

The Secret

The secret is extremely simply. Take one end of the note and very slowly and carefully start to roll it up. Make sure you roll it nice and tightly then once you reach the bottle keep rolling. This will slowly and carefully push the bottle until the note is completely clear and you can simply pick it up, having never touched the bottle, and never let the bottle fall.

Free Drink #2 - The Pool Cue & Ball

Here's a crafty betcha if you happen to be in a pub or bar anywhere which has a pool table. What you need to do is to clear the table completely (which for some people can be the hardest challenge of all) and then lay the pool cue across the middle of the table. Ideally the pool cue should about reach from one side to the other, but lying flat on the table - not resting on the sides. Next you take the cue ball and place it in either end of the table. The challenge is to roll the cue ball under the cue, but without touching the cue itself. Now, sit back and finish your beer or wine while you wait for your friends to come up with half a dozen bizarre theories.

The Secret

Your friends will probably want to pour your drink over you rather than buy you one, but the secret is both simple and entirely fair. Simply pick the cue ball up, bend down, and roll it under the table. In all fairness, you have indeed rolled the cue ball under the cue! We hope you enjoy these entertaining little bar stunts and betchas. If you do manage to get yourself a few extra drinks, let us know - and don't forget to have one for us!

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