Two Cocktail Recipes For Margarita Day

Published : 22/02/2012 15:32:50
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Two Cocktail Recipes For Margarita DayWell, it had to come around sometime soon, and what better time of year than a miserable, cold wet February weekday? Today is Margarita Day! A little Tequila, a dash more tequila, a helping of something else and a dash of lime, and suddenly February doesn't seem so bad! Here to help you on your way are two Margarita cocktail recipes, including one non-alcoholic version, ideal for the designated driver!

Simple Margarita Cocktail Recipe Take 2 measures of tequila (I sometimes use a mug, but apparently a measure is supposed to be around 35ml. Pah.) and slug it into a cocktail shaker, along with one measure of Cointreau. Squeeze a half measure of lime juice into the mix, and then shake it all up (remembering to close the cocktail shaker first.) Next, take your lime and wipe it around the rim of the glass, and tip the glass upside down onto a saucer of salt. Finally, strain the cocktail mixture and pour into the glass. My taste buds are already palpitating at the thought!

Non Alcoholic Margarita Recipe Frankly this is like caffeine free coffee or wheat free wheat. But if you're the designated driver then you'll need to play safe, and actually this recipe is rather good. Basically follow all the steps above, except of course for adding the tequila and Cointreau into a mixer. Instead throw in a mug of limeade, two mugs of sparkling water, a sliced orange and two sliced limes into a blender. Whip it up, strain and serve, making sure your glass is limed and salted as usual.

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