Up grade your princess party to a Lord and Lady Party

Published : 21/03/2009 06:48:29
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My daughter absolutely loves Disney princess. She is five (and a half) years old. There is a girl that lives across the street from us, and she is exactly one week older than my daughter. These two were not great friends at the start, but now are nearly inseparable. And they love princesses.

Every time they get together, it's time for some kind of princess party. They love to get dressed up in princess gowns, shoes, and tiaras. My eight year old son often gets talked into joining the parties too. His role is some kind of prince, although his costumer often makes him look like a pirate. He claims that he hates it, but I personally think he likes the attention. My wife and I have seen this behaviour for close to two years now, as have our neighbours.

My wife and our neighbour's mother were recently sharing a glass of wine, talking about how the girls play together. Both women commented that the parties looked like fun. Even my son, the mature football player, does not run and hide. He sticks around and plays his part. That is when the inspiration hit-why not have a party like this for adults?

Maybe not a princess party, but how about a Lord and Lady party? Party attendees can dress in fancy clothes and powdered wigs. Referring to each other as "thou" would be optional. Tiaras, crowns, and swords (preferably artificial) would be mandatory. They've decided to move forward with this idea, which sounds like a lot of fun. Beyond this, though, the details have yet to be worked out. They have not yet decided which one of us will host the event. I don't mind hosting, as long as horses are not mandatory. It is bad enough cleaning up after my children.

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