Using Table Confetti To Add Sparkle And Glamour

Published : 25/08/2011 19:25:28
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I was talking to someone the other day who was planning their wedding, and I suggested the idea of table confetti. There was a pause. A blank look. Eventually they asked me why on earth anyone would particularly want to have confetti shapes looking like tables.

I explained that the confetti didn’t look like tables – it was for scattering over the table. A different puzzle loomed. “You mean, you throw it over the table rather than over the Bride and Groom?” Table confetti, as you may very well know, is usually foil, metallic and brightly coloured, and can be liberally scattered across a table to create a very attractive look.

In fact it works particularly well scattered across a contrasting coloured table cover. Try scattering pink stars on a black table cover, or green Christmas trees on a red table cover for example. But whilst table confetti works beautifully used in this way, it isn’t the only way in which it can add a little sparkle and interest. If you’ve purchased a few bags of table confetti but have some left over, why not sprinkle some over gifts just as you’re wrapping them, or scatter a few inside a greetings card?

You may even find that buying a bag of confetti for these very reasons is a good idea – after all, they’re hardly expensive. The range of different styles, colours and shapes is extraordinary, from love hearts to cowboy westerns, and from champagne flutes to party balloons, giving you plenty of choice for every occasion. A little table cover can make every gift and every card an occasion. If you have an idea of how to use table confetti in a creative way to add a little sparkle and glamour to a party, why not leave us a comment?

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