Wake Up, It's February 28th - Public Sleeping Day!

Published : 28/02/2012 09:00:14
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Fusion Baby Photography - www.fusionbabyphotography.comOh, please do excuse me there for a moment... I was just having a quick snooze. Well, today is 'Public Sleeping Day' after all!

That's right, February 28th is traditionally the day to have a quick snooze somewhere other than your bed. Perhaps on the bus, on a park bench, at work (as long as the boss isn't watching, or is joining in, although not on the same desk as that might be a bit weird.) No one is entirely sure quite how the tradition started, but it's been going for some years now, and plenty of people join in. If nothing else, at least if you are caught having forty winks at work you can claim that you were merely helping to uphold the annual tradition of the day.

If you do decide to have a quick snooze at work, at school or whilst listening to an aged professor waffle on about something truly dull then you might pick up a pair of eyelid stickers. These attach to your eyelids so that when you close your eyes, it looks as though they're still open - http://gizmodo.com/356627/eyelid-stickers-let-you-sleep-at-work-if-your-coworkers-are-blind-idiots. On the downside you might also find the local priest visiting you to carry out a quick exorcism. On the subject of sleeping, have you seen these two Sleeping Beauty figures. They're scene setters, made from plastic and four feet tall. Great for Disney Princess parties, or to decorate a little girl's bedroom perhaps! Right, I'm off to celebrate the day as hard and as fully as I can. Goodnight! Zzzzzz......

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