Water Pistol Shootout

Published : 10/05/2009 12:23:28
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

There is no better game for a party on a hot afternoon, than a water pistol shoot out. A hot day and water pistols just go together and involve very little planning to get it right. Depending on the age group involved a water pistol shoot out, can be anything from no rules at all or be a very structured game. If young kids are involved be sure to have a change of clothes on hand and play the shoot out at the height of the days warmth. Also with the youngsters you will probably want to restrict the size of the water pistols keeping the really big soakers out of the game. A good way to get everyone in on the fun is to include a water drencher as a gift in each of your party bags, that way the equality in size can be controlled.

For the bigger kids the choice of weapons is huge, one water pistol is like a .45 with magazines that can be carried on a belt attachment just like James Bond, so when one mag is out you simply slam another in place and you are back in business. One of my favourites is called the "Super Soaker Bottle Shot" this one is serious and puts out enough water to extinguish fires. To refill the bottle, simply screw in any store bought water bottle and fire away, it comes equipped with one bottle but can be replaced by any from the store.

Water pistol fights are a wonderful way to spend a hot afternoon in the park and will ensure that your party doesn't bog down from the heat or a lack of games to keep the kids attention. It is one time that the kids and the adults can get in on the action together and have a really good time.

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