We all love a WII Party

Published : 12/03/2009 06:20:30
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

No, that is not a typo. Without the capitalization, it would read Wii Party. You do have a Nintendo Wii, don't you? My eight year old son tells me that we are the only ones in our entire extended family without a Wii. The last time he said that, my five and a half year old daughter chimed in that she thought we were the only family in her entire class without one. They are ganging up on me.   Given that we are the last human beings on earth that have not yet succumbed to the Wii, getting to play the Wii is an exciting time for my kids. This is what changes a visit to a friend’s house, or a cousin's house, from a regular old visit into a Wii party. Especially with my son-less so with my daughter, who will lose interest in the game and be just as happy making beaded necklaces. I'm talking about, Nintendo Party and Nintendo Wii party games and such like. My kid's think this kind of fun is the ultimate indoor adventure playground, the perfect indoor party entertainment and even a hot sunny day is not likely to coax them away from their game.

Before I get accused of being some Luddite and depriving my children of a modern technological upbringing, I do have some good reasons for not having a Wii. Having played games as a kid myself, I do not live in fear that the games will rot their brains or make them Satanists. First, we have other video game systems that have gone unused. Second, I like the idea of my kids using their time to become better readers and writers. They are both very artistic, and I would love to see them continue to develop those skills.   The final big advantage to not having one is that, when we go to visit a house that has a Wii, I know where to find my kids. So far, at least, I do not have to worry about them running out in the street, or getting into something they shouldn't.

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