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Published : 23/01/2009 08:38:14
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Last year my family has had the opportunity to attend several family weddings. We had three nephews, one niece, and a brother in law (my wife's older brother), got married last year. All of these were separate events. Needless to say, it was a very exciting year. Travel with the children was very interesting, especially to go all the way to San Francisco for my wife's brother's wedding. We all survived our journeys, had great fun with the family, and attended some wonderful wedding parties. I can’t begin to do each party justice, but I can describe some of the highlights from our favourite.

The most exotic was our trip to California. We all had fun riding the cable car, going over the Golden Gate Bridge, and touring Alcatraz. We threatened to send our son back there if he didn’t behave himself. The wedding and the party were held outdoors. We expected warm summer weather in June, but in fact it got quite cold when the sun went down and the wind picked up. None of us foreign visitors were prepared for that. The decorations were stunning, with a beautiful wildflower bouquet on each table. Each family brought a decoration. Our contribution, picked by our children, was a foil balloon. To this day I am surprised that it survived those winds. Several other balloon decorations met their ends rather early in the evening.

The wedding party went well into the late night and early morning. The children of both the bride and groom did a wonderful job at helping the rest of us out with our own children, so the adults could relax and enjoy a rare get-together. I don't know when we'll get back to California, but I do hope it is not for another one of Jim's wedding parties.

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