Welcome Baby Party

Published : 30/12/2008 19:00:53
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

If you have a new pink or blue family member why not throw a little welcome baby party to celebrate the event. Given it a week or two after the birth and the new mother will be proud to have an event that gives her the chance to show off her bundle of joy.

You can arrange the gathering in her home and perhaps order a few baby balloons to welcome along the new arrival. Gifts would be much appreciated and although this is not a birthday party it is most certainly an event to be marked in the family photo album.

Grandma, sister, mum dad uncles and aunts can all be invited to the baby party and simple refreshments can be served. The new mother will be pleased to have the opportunity to show all the family her new arrival instead of having to go through the hassles of getting the car seat , baby bottles and nappies ready for a day of visiting family members and doing the rounds. Oh and don't forget, it maybe a welcome baby party but this should also be a great time to pamper mum a bit too, after all she has put in quite a bit of work recently!

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