What Ever Happened to Ice Magic?

Published : 26/06/2009 16:05:52
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Ice magic was the coolest ice cream topping of the 80's, at least for kids who weren't too worried about whether their ice cream tasted like chocolate or like a synthetic blend of chemicals. Ice Magic was one of the essential party supplies that kids growing up in the 80 couldn’t be without. A birthday party consisted of a cake, some presents, ice cream, and a bottle of Ice Magic. With the background noise that the boom box spit out, a few party decorations, and the sleep over that threatened the comfortable well being of your underwear, Ice Magic made its appearance on your ice cream. Everyone thought that the liquefied chocolate was amazing as it hardened into a shell that tasted somewhat like a chemically based play dough topping.

Most of the adults in our lives opted to skip over the Magic Ice, and many parents refused to buy it based on the fact that it didn’t taste very good and this caused a few concerns about what health implications that there might be for regular consumption. However, a birthday party could usually be a guaranteed exception for the ban on Ice Magic.

Ice Magic eventually faded from the market only to be replaced with Magic Shell. The formula that Ice Magic used was scientifically appropriate but the company still had to work to do when it came to improving the taste of the final shell coating the ice cream. Magic Shell has a much more appropriate taste, although there are still critics that claim it does not taste like the chocolate coating you can get at the ice cream shop. Either way, there is nothing that replaces the memory of Ice magic in the 80's, mix tapes playing on boom boxes we tried to carry on our aching shoulders, and sleep over parties with movies that were played on tape, not disc.

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