What makes for great value Party Bags?

Published : 26/01/2009 07:30:52
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

So what does make for great value party bags then? If you put that question to my eight year old son, the clear answer would be "a lot of sweets inside". If you put that question to my five year old daughter, the answer would be more detailed, and would focus more on the presentation of the bag and its contents, and how well it complemented the theme of her party. Clearly two very different answers, that I as the parent and deliverer of the party bags have to take into account when assembling some great value party bags for each kid.

When considering great value party bags, acceptability by the kids is the first priority. If the kids don't like the bags, and don't even take them, or just throw them away when they get home, the bags are a huge waste of time and money. This doesn't even take into account the social capital the kids will have to expend to overcome such a party bag debacle.

So, focus on the kids is the place to start. This focus is the guide to the bag itself. My daughter believes the party bag is useless if it does not tie in to the theme of the party. My son is not as concerned about the bag, but is more worried about the amount of stuff in the bag. Once the bag is settled, the contents are next. Here again, there are differences from my son to my daughter, and a focus on the kids will maximize party bag utility. My son loves a bunch of stuff in the party bags, so we'll find sweets and toys that are sold in bulk, then break the bigger packages down into individual items, and create the perception of a bunch of stuff. For my daughter, we can't just get a bunch of stuff. We have to carefully shop and pick the bag contents. Everything has to match. Quantity is just not as important. At the end of the day, the job of the party bags is to make the kids happy and that's what makes for great value party bags.

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