What to put in High School Musical Party Bags?

Published : 24/01/2009 14:08:07
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My five year old daughter loves dancing and singing. She loves to dress up as a princess, and dance and sing to herself. She will occasionally collaborate with two cousins that are around her age, and put on a show for the rest of the family. When she saw High School Musical, she fell in love with the story and the music. She listens to the music from that movie all the time. Her birthday is in the summer, and she has already explained to us that it WILL be a High School Musical theme. While it is great to have this important issue settled already, it leaves me with one critical question that has already kept me awake at night. What do we put in the High School Musical party bags?

The kid's that will be attending this party, now only six months away, are all in the five to eight years old range, so I don't have to worry about choking hazards with small toys. They are mostly girls, but there will be a few boys there, so a party bag that is appropriate for either boys or girls is called for. While I could make gender-specific party bags, I would then have to worry about an extra kid showing up and not having the right bag to give. Gender neutral childrens party bags filled with mixed toys, for me are the way to go.

The party bag itself simply must be a High School Musical themed bag. Throw in some stickers for sure and a water game too. These come in some funky designs and some are even mobile phone shaped which if I'm not mistaken, will be very well received. I'll ad a few of my daughter's favourite sweets, but not gum, as some of the parents don't want their kids chewing gum just yet. Now for the musical part. I love kazoos and harmonicas. They are cheap, small, and can be played by everybody. They come in colours that are appropriate for boys and girls, and everyone can be in the band.   And now that I have sorted out some inexpensive party bags, I can sleep again...althoooogh, I suppose I could just buy some value High School Musical filled party bags already done for me and be done with it....mmmm food for thought.

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