What to wear at your office Christmas Party

Published : 29/11/2008 18:30:25
Categories : Seasonal Parties

If your office is throwing a Christmas party this year, you may be more worried by what to wear to the party than what you are going to bring as a present. Due to the fact that the office usually supplies gifts at a Christmas party, you probably only have to worry about presents for your friends which you can give at another time.

Many people get anxious when they find out that their company's Christmas party will be held outside the office, because suddenly they realise that this is the one time out of the whole year where their own sense of style and flair can be seen outside of normal office attire. If you are worried about what to wear to your Christmas party, the first step is to relax!

If you want to show your own sense of style, than you have to start thinking more like yourself and not what you think your co-workers want to see. Second, follow this general rule of thumb for your office Christmas party. For the most part, your dress should be tasteful following the general rules of office wear, casual dressy without exposing too much. Simply up the ante by crossing over to the dressy casual side, instead of the casual business side.

For some people, a Christmas party outside of the home seems to justify revealing clothes, and drunken bouts. However, if you do not want to wake up with a hangover and be the gossip of the office for the rest of the year and into the New Year, refrain from both revealing clothing and over consumption at an open bar! On the other hand if I were a size 10 I think I’d do exactly that...and a free bar....come on a hang over is compulsory surely!

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