What's your highest score on Bop it?

Published : 05/04/2009 18:29:28
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My kid's love Bop it and it's becoming a bit of a family obsession. My daughter who is seven has a top score of 135. My son who turned four at the end of February got his best score today which was 45. Sadly at 75 (that's my score not my age) i'ts difficult to compete and do better than this. Their father - aged 40 - can not get get it up either.

I'm interested to know how many other families out there have been overtaken with the Bop it craze. More impotantly what kind of scores are you all getting. Are we alone in the world or are there others out there like us? Long gone are the days of Atari when I would thrash my parents who couldn't sit as long as I could without loosing second only to the call of nature. This Bop it game is fast and now i'm an adult i'm very greatfull that game play is only minutes and not hours at a time.

For her 8th Birthday my daughter wants a Bop it party but where to start. It's not like you can get Bopit party bags or anything. Will there be enough kids with their own Bop-it to have a some kind of challenge, where I can give out a prize for the child who gets the highest score on Bop it? Any advice on exactly how to pull this one off would be gratefully recieved -oh and yes, and I'm going to update this blog regularly so a bit like Tony Harts gallery, send me your name and score and don't forget to say how old you are - retun address not required unless you're the bop it champion in which case I want tutoring!


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Tom. M

30/07/2009 15:38:07

My highest score is 221

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