When Do You Celebrate a New Year's Eve Party?

Published : 31/12/2008 20:34:50
Categories : Seasonal Parties

When is the right time for a New Year's Eve party? It is hard to imagine even asking a question like that. By definition, New Year's Eve parties happen on New Year's Eve. It’s an unwritten rule, if not a law of nature.

However, unlike faster than light travel, some laws can be broken. New Year’s Eve parties are allowed to occur on days other than New Year's Eve. One very good reason to have a New Year’s Eve party earlier is to celebrate it as one component in a series of celebrations-a progressive party.

Depending on the time you have allotted for your progressive party, you can start the evening (or afternoon) with a Halloween party, then move to a Christmas party, then to a New Year's Eve party. Every hour and a half (or two hours) change themes.

Guests can dress formally for Christmas and New Year's, and bring masks for Halloween. When it's time to change themes, the masks can be dropped when it is time for Father Christmas to visit. Before midnight, bring out Father Time and Baby New Year.

Seasonal appetizers and drinks can be served for each phase of the event. Christmas lights can be turned on and off. Use plain colour party supplies that can match decor for all three celebrations. If you are hosting an adults only party, a doll can be used as Baby New Year. A Halloween guest can dress as Saint Nick and another can dress as Father Time. I attended a party like this a number of years ago, and there was a competition among the guests, myself included, to dress as Saint Nick.

So, it's fine to be a traditionalist, but don't limit yourself when you're thinking about a New Year's Eve party. Combine it with Halloween and Christmas, or Christmas and Valentine's Day. As long as you have fun!

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