When Is Inflation A Good Thing? When It's A Helium Balloon!

Published : 19/04/2012 11:50:36
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Helium balloons - great fun until you need to land.Here's a quick question for you: how do you make a helium balloon stay up for longer? Answer - stick the letters 'MP' after it - that should create enough hot air to keep it over inflated for years! Helium balloons are incredibly popular, and today there's a huge range available to choose from (just have a look at our shop for inspiration!) But whilst they may look beautiful and be great fun, they can be a bit of a problem.

For many people the experience of getting helium balloons for a birthday party or other special event goes something like this. You drive off to your local party shop or florists and have a look at the range on offer, before placing your order and waiting patiently whilst they inflate them all for you. You hang around for ages, spending money you shouldn't on a whole selection of party products you wouldn't have otherwise looked at, eventually taking collection of a small mountain of helium balloons. You then try to make your way out of the shop, making every effort to minimise the number of things you knock off the shelves on your way out. You then wait outside for a few moments while your friend pops back in to pay for the damages. Damages paid for, you resume your trip back to the car, noting with interest the fact that you feel as though you may have lost weight. After knocking four hats off, three elderly ladies over and causing two car accidents you manage to find your vehicle, and then try to find your key.

Juggling the balloons from one hand to the other you eventually resort to holding several of the strings between your teeth, whilst making a valiant attempt not to sneeze. Once you find the key and unlock the car you then try to push the balloons in. Almost as though the balloons and the car are magnets repelling one another the balloons won't go in easily, and so you end up having to push each balloon in one at a time. The trouble is, every time you push a balloon in it seems to bob dangerously back towards the open door, and before long the first balloon manages to bounce its way out and fulfil its lifelong ambition to become a cloud. Eventually you decide to try the boot, and so you push as many balloons in as you can, trying to quickly shut the boot lid before they get away. Fortunately you succeeded in shutting it quickly enough to stop the balloons escaping. Unfortunately you burst three balloons in the process. Back round the side you successfully squeeze the remaining balloons in and shut the door gently, before slumping exhausted into the driver's seat. It's then you realise that you can't see a thing.

The balloons are blocking your view through every window and mirror, except for a small clear patch right in front of you. You decide that as long as you're the only car on the road, that there are no pedestrians or cyclists out today, and that you don't need to navigate round any corners, bends, turns or roundabouts, you'll be fine. The police officer disagrees, resulting in a ticket. Still, at least you got some points for your effort. Sadly, they're on your license. Of course, you could have simply avoided all this trouble by buying your balloons online, ordering a disposable helium tank and inflating the balloons at the party location at the time they're needed. But where would the fun have been in that?

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