Where did the cocktail stick come from?

Published : 13/03/2009 07:41:38
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

The inventor of the cocktail stick is not know, however the cocktail stick was thought to have showed up around the same time as the cocktail drink in New York City in the late nineteen twenties to thirties. And really, for the purpose of party snacks and great drinks, the fact that it exists is really the most important part.

Cocktail sticks started out with the simple job of holding the cherry or onion in place in the cocktail, allowing them to add their flavours into the drink without the risk of accidental swallowing it. Since then, the large plastic pointed splinter has found its way into other means of entertaining. It has been used to skewer sandwiches to keep them from falling apart, from getting cocktail wienies out of the pot of delicious sauces, and to add decoration to boring party foods like cheeses and fruits.

It has replaced the fork for a lot of small party snacks, since you don't have to wash it, most of them are disposable, and it comes in fun colours and sometimes even have characters on the ends. Although it is still important in cocktail drinks, it has expanded beyond the cherry and onion and is now in charge of other fruits as well.

People will typically choose the cocktail stick above the fork because it can also double as a toothpick when they are done eating. Cocktail sticks are typically very cheap, coming in wood or plastic, and so you can get quiet a few for very little at party supply stores. If you want, you can set the sticks up before the party, placing them into the cocktail sausages, cheese, or other party snacks before setting them up onto the table. It would make things easier for your guests, but will take a bit of your time so it's something worth considering- just not something worth loosing any sleep over!

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