Who invented the pinata?

Published : 19/03/2009 13:38:27
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It is unknown who is the exact inventor of the pinata, but it seems that this party game tends to be credited to the great explorer Marco Polo. Not what you expected, right? Well, it is said that when he was travelling from Italy to China, he brought along what would be recognized today as a pinata to help carry and spread seeds during the fertilizing season.

Back then they would fill the pinata with seeds and smash it open over a field, flinging the seeds far and wide. Later, when the Spanish invaded the Mexican region, they were afraid that they would be asked to change their religion. They used the pinatas to represent the seven deadly sins and would beat them down, spilling the gifts from God, when they finally succeeded and overcame the sin, to show that they had the same goals.

Now, this party game while played in a similar way, only has one of the same goals. To reach the prize in the centre. The pinata has been played as a party game for hundreds of years, and has spread the world over as a great way to pass the time at a child's birthday. The pinatas, where once filled with seeds, are now filled with sweets, small party bag fillers and small toys .

There have also been developments in the game, including a pull string pinata that does not require the swinging of a bat or pinata buster to play. You pull on the strings until you find the one that will pop open the pinata, much like a cracker that has been a popular party game as well.

Most people would easily recognize a pinata and know exactly what to do with it. It has become that popular. It's certainly a party game that you can't go wrong with if you plan for it and have adequate room to play.

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