Who said chocolate egg hunts had to be at Easter!

Published : 30/11/2008 08:15:40
Categories : Seasonal Parties

If you are a parent of little children you will be well aware of the Easter tradition of taking the kids to the local park, to participate in the local egg hunt. But don't you ever get fed up of waiting for that time of year to come around?

If you have a birthday party coming up, what could be more exciting for the kids than to hide some Cadbury’s cream eggs around the house. The kids will enjoy the whole adventure thing; you could give the party a Dora the explorer theme to spice the party up a bit. Children have vivid imaginations and it won't be long until they start to picture themselves as explorers in the Amazon jungle hunting for buried treasure! Maybe play some Raiders of the lost Ark music and crank the sound up to help create an atmosphere.

If you can't find eggs at the shops, chocolate coins and sweets go down just as well and the house will be transformed with the kids running around trying to figure out where you have hidden the prizes. Mums and dads will be able to join in the birthday party fun and take part in ensuring that their child bags some of the hidden treasure …although in my day that was called cheating!

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