Whoopee Cushions-Fantastic Farting Fun

Published : 08/08/2009 17:33:04
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The ever famous whoopee cushion has been around since 1930, delighting children of all ages as they dabble in the world of inappropriate noise and its association with fun. Created in Canada, this small, round gag is literally nothing more than two pieces of rubber that meet around the edge creating a void in the middle. The elongated section is there to make the famous whoopee cushion sound as air rushes out when squeezed or sat upon.

The self inflating version of the whoopee cushion came along in the 1990's, but the basic whoopee cushion has remain unchanged over time. Adding this gag to your party bags or as party of your general party theme can be a whole lot of fantastic farting fun. Children especially, although many adults too, enjoy the unique sound that a whoopee cushion makes and their ability to “gag” others.

As a party gag, the whoopee cushion is always a big and genuine hit that brings a new element to the party. If you provide whoopee cushions to your party bags or your party theme, remember how much kids love to become enthusiastic about such things, and you might want to set up a “whoopee free room” for those souls that do not find it quite as fun as the rest of us.

There are all kinds of party pranks and party toys that can enhance your get together, but there is nothing quite like a whoopee cushion to get the giggle fest rolling. For many of us, the iconic whoopee cushion is a symbol of the first and best gag we ever experienced as children. Many hours were passed plotting out our next whoopee victim, and of course just like the whoopee cushion itself, this has remained unchanged. For whoopee cushions that cost only pence, visit or section of party bag fillers for boys and girls.

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