Whose Clever Idea Was It To Put 'Ease' Into 'Parties'?

Published : 07/09/2010 08:34:50
Categories : Interesting Party Facts , Party Food and Drinks , Party Games and Ideas , Party Planning and Entertainment

Have you ever considered the fact that the word 'parties' is probably one of the worst thought up names for such social events? To begin with we have the word 'part' to describe an event which brings people together. Then we have the word 'ease' to describe something which will probably have taken several weeks of planning, enough cooking and food preparation to keep most of the neighbourhood well nourished in the event of a nuclear war, and a budget to rival the expenses claim of an average backbencher.

Perhaps a much more suitable name for such social events might be 'joinstress', or 'unitemanic', but sadly neither of these looks likely to take off. When it comes to planning parties we hope at parteaz.co.uk that we can help to 'ease' your party planning with a wide range of party decorations, party tableware and party ideas.

Throughout this blog you'll find a regular offering of recipes, party ideas, party tricks, cocktail recipes and other ways in which you can help enjoy spending more than you can afford on cooking more food than you need for more people than you'll have time to chat meaningfully to whilst running around trying to stuff canapés onto as many half-full plates as you can find.

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