Why Birthday Cakes For Men Don't Have To Be Boring!

Published : 17/03/2015 16:05:42
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As far as birthday cakes are concerned, choosing or making one for a child can be enormous fun - there's almost no limit to the way in which they can be imaginatively decorated. For women it's also reasonably easy - lots of pretty decorations are freely available, and there are plenty of quirky designs such as handbag cakes, stiletto cakes and other fashionable feasts.

But with men, there's often a problem. Birthday cakes for men seem to rely pretty heavily on one thing - candles. Now, don't get us wrong, we love birthday candles, but if that's it, apart from some nice icing, then really all your cake is doing is emphasising how boring a man is, and how much older he is than last year. Especially if you have a fire extinguisher under the table. Take a look at our selection of cakes for men

However, here are Parteaz we like to make sure that everyone can enjoy themselves, and that's why we've worked hard to come up with some truly dazzling cakes for men.

There are some pretty common themes for men when it comes to birthday cards and themes, and we've got a great selection of cakes ideal for just such a man! So from beer to cars, motorbikes to nudity (yes, you read that right) we have cakes which are almost too good to eat!

But we also know that sometimes you need something that's both really special, and also nothing to do with fast cars, beer or women. For these rather more sedate occasions we have some fantastic ideas, including our Ralph Lauren shirt cake, a Gucci shirt cake and a very realistic and smart shirt and bow tie cake. If he's into his music and gadgets then why not tickle his taste buds with our highly detailed watch cake?

But there's more to cakes than simply looking good. We know - we've been to those parties where a stunning birthday cake has been paraded before everyone, set on a plinth for admiration and photographs, then cut open to gasps of anticipation, only for the cake itself to taste like wet cardboard.

We think a birthday cake should taste as good as it looks, which is why you won't find bland ingredients, or ingredients identified by their number under the icing on our cakes. Our celebration cakes are made by hand, using real, natural ingredients such as those you find in your own kitchen.

So if you're planning a birthday party for a man you know, or you're wanting a cake for a man to celebrate some other occasion, such as a new job, retiring or other achievement, then take a look at our cakes for men. We even deliver to your door, or to your party venue, to make sure everything is perfect

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