Why Do We Set Fire To Children's Birthday Cakes?

Published : 03/03/2015 10:00:51
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"Hey, I've got a great idea. At our young child's birthday, why don't we stick some wax into his cake, and then set fire to it, before sticking it right in front of his face, then switching out the lights?"

When you stop to think about it, adding candles to birthday cakes is a strange concept. We spend ages as parents warning our children not to play with matches, not to go near candles or the electric fire, and that fire is very, very dangerous. Then we stick an open flame right in front of them, and slap bang in the middle of the food they're about to eat. So how did this tradition come about?

In fact the tradition goes back farther than you might imagine - right back to the early Greeks. The Greeks used to bake a cake, and then place a candle in the centre, taking this to the temple of Artemis (the Greek equivalent of the Roman goddess Diana.) They believed that the smoke from the candle helped their prayers rise up to the gods, and indeed today many people make a wish as they blow the candles out on their cake, echoing this same idea.

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