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Published : 29/05/2009 17:05:56
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

If you are having a party and the weather is keeping you off the linx, how about a game of golf in the house? With the Nintendo Wii console a good round of competitive golf for you and your friends is still a possibility. I know that a Wii game console is a difficult commodity to get ones hands on but if you have one or if a friend does and you have a Tiger Woods 09 game, (if you don't then rent one), you and your friends can spend a really fun afternoon at Pebble Beach or Augusta playing a round of match play or best ball or whatever pleases you, and it’s a pretty realistic experience.   If you haven't played Wii before, the golf takes a little bit of getting used to especially the putting but within a very short time frame you and up to three of your friends will be making your way down the first fairway for a good skins match. Don’t sell it short, your upper body will get a really good work out.

The hardest thing to control is the putting, because putting is all feel and confidence, it is almost impossible to replicate the feel of the greens, especially since all you have is grip and no actual club head feel. I really like a good skins game for a party and once you have mastered the feel you can get a really competitive round going. You can also hook up with other Wii gamers on line and do a Ryder Cupmatch. The Tiger Woods 09 package comes with ideas for mini games that will please the wife and kids and every shot can be nuanced with a fade or draw, or you can keep it low to stay out of the wind or hoist it high to get over that damn tree that they put in just the wrong spot.

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