Wine Glasses Party

Published : 03/03/2009 14:01:15
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

We have a large family that likes to get together regularly. One of the challenges that we face is distinguishing ownership of wine glasses. Over time, we have come up with some creative ways of telling who is drinking what. My wife had an idea for an upcoming party, and decided to turn her solution into a party in its own right.

The idea at its most basic was to decorate the wine glasses. She got plastic wine glasses, paint, and glitter pens. Then she sat down with our kids, ages eight and five, and explained the rules. She and the kids were to pick an image, and draw or paint it onto a glass. The image could be done only once. If my son painted a Thomas the Tank Engine, he could paint another steam locomotive, but only one Thomas. If my daughter painted Ariel, she could still paint Cinderella, but only one Ariel.   The kids had a lot of fun with this. They fed each other ideas, and hand decorated each wine glass. My wife intended to do some of her own, but ended up helping the kids most of the time. To hear her tell about this party, the kids ended up with as much paint and glitter on them as on the wine glasses.   Now, at our next family get together, Allie will know her glass features Dora, and Tammy will know that her glass features Belle. They won't have to start an argument about whose glass is whose. No doubt they will find some other reason to start an argument, like which family gives out the best party bags at big family get together's, but at least this one is covered off.

The only problem with this solution is that the wine glasses don't last forever as they are plastic, and can't be run through the dishwasher for fear of loosing our wonderfull designs. We will have to investigate how we can do something similar with real glass, but until that time the kids will just have to keep painting and drawing.

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