Words of Wisdom Party Idea

Published : 08/02/2009 13:35:59
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Don't talk with your mouth full. Chew your food. If you are going through hell, keep going. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Bend your back (meaning, lean over your plate while you are eating so that, in the event you drop anything, it ends up back in your plate instead of on your lap or on the floor). Great words of wisdom that we've all heard (ok, maybe you haven't heard the bend your back one-that came from my grandfather) and should strive to live up to.

We were talking to our neighbours about these little phrases that we all knew, and they decided that they would make a great theme for a party. We talked a bit longer, and their basic idea transformed into a full-blown set of rules for party attendees. First, you had to write out the phrase that would impart your great wisdom to the rest of the guests. On the back of each phrase, you had to write your name, who the quote is from, and what it means to you. The quotes would be taped just from the top to a large sheet of poster paper. Other guests could write their interpretation next to your quote, and look on the back of your quote to see if they really understood what it meant.

Once you wrote at least one interpretation on the wall, you could spend the rest of the party dispensing your newly learned wisdom to the rest of the guests. If you saw one of my kids eat a biscuit then grab a party blowout, you might tell them to chew their food first. This sounds like a good party idea, but the more I think about it the more I wonder if I really want to spend an entire evening being corrected by my grandparents.

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