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Published : 14/03/2009 20:05:30
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Contrary to what my children may believe, ours is not the last family in the known universe that does not have an Xbox. I know this is not true. I personally know a family in Pennsylvania, USA, that does not have an Xbox. And, the Mars rovers have uncovered absolutely no evidence of the Xbox on Mars. It does, seem, though, that a lot of families with kids around the age of my kids do have an Xbox. This actually works to my advantage, because when we go to visit these people, the visit turns into an Xbox party for my kids.

My eight year old son especially loves the Xbox. His most favorite game is a 4 X 4 truck racing game. His second favorite is any FIFA game he can get his hands on. What really is amazing to me is that if the weather is nice, he is happy as can be playing outside. As soon as there is some sign of bad weather, though, he starts trying to weasel his way into the game. My wife and I told him that he is not allowed to directly ask to play it, so he looks for ways to hint without directly mentioning the Xbox. I personally think he has a system worked out with one cousin. They come into the room with the adult party. My son says his magic phrase. His cousin says another phrase. My son has a response, and his cousin then suggests that they go play Xbox.   My five year old daughter often tags along. She doesn't play, infact the xbox party thing is a little beyond her but instead she does likes to watch. When the boys play the FIFA game, she hands a winners medal to the winner. Once they get going, we know exactly where to find them through the rest of the entire party. John.


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