Yo! Ho! Ho! It's A Party Excuse For 16th September!

Published : 26/09/2010 00:01:39
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Do you ever find yourself in desperate need of a party but desperately lacking an excuse for one? If you're the sort of person that doesn't need an excuse to have a party, or will make do with the fact that there is a letter of the alphabet in the month then you're probably better off looking for a hangover cure rather than another suggestion from me. But for anyone looking to have a party on the 26th of September I think I might have a good idea. 430 years ago, or back in 1580 for those of you without a calculator sitting next to you, the most notable pirate of the 16th century managed to successfully circumnavigate the earth.

Sir Francis Drake was the first Englishman to achieve this circumnavigation, arriving back in Plymouth on board the Golden Hind. I have nothing against Plymouth, but it always amazes me that having travelled the length and breadth of the entire planet quite literally, there were one or two places you might have expected him to dock other than Plymouth for the final celebrations.

Of course, whilst old Sir Francis is hailed a hero to the English, Spanish readers of this blog may take a rather different view. 'El Draque' was not the most popular chap to sail the seven seas, with a £4 million bounty on his head in today's money. Sir Francis Drake may have been many things, but there's no denying he was an exceptional pirate. [caption id="attachment_985" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Pieces of Cake! Pieces of Cake! A perfect cake for Sir Francis Drake"]Pieces of Cake! Pieces of Cake! A perfect cake for Sir Francis Drake[/caption]So there is your excuse for a party on the 26 of September.

Either go for a circumnavigation theme, (although you might want to try to make sure you pronounce that carefully or you may find a distinct shortage of men turning up), or of course a pirates theme, depending upon your nationality. The one thing I wouldn't recommend however is that your Sir Francis Drake party lasts quite as long as his quick trip round the world and back, which lasted around 33 months. If nothing else, you'd end up missing the Olympics in 2012. Now there's an excuse for a party!

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