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Published : 28/02/2009 20:02:33
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At my last job, I had a colleague whose true passion was yoga. She travelled around the world to practice with different instructors. She recently came back from Hawaii (yoga in Hawaii?) where she studied for three weeks. When she came back, she announced that she was going to host a Yoga Party for us, her co-workers.

As a quick side note on my background, I have done some yoga in the past. I took a six week course eighteen years ago. Not much to speak of, really. However, I also did train in martial arts for ten years, and have always considered myself to be a fairly strong and flexible person. So I enthusiastically signed up to participate in the yoga party, thinking that I would have no problems at all. In fact, I would do quite well.

Ha! There were no banners announcing the party-only a bunch of mats on the floor. Within the first fifteen minutes, I discovered exactly how inflexible I had become. Before much longer I learned that my strength and endurance had also left me. I struggled through the fifty minute session, and nearly fell asleep during the quiet meditation at the end.

I worked up a sweat at this Yoga party, enjoyed no aesthetics like party supplies, decorations or balloons, had no food, and nothing to drink. Our colleague then explained to us that she was willing to continue these sessions, free of charge, to gain instructor experience. Her goal was to get a job as an instructor. Her once a week sessions grew in popularity from eight of us at the outset to over thirty. She did end up getting a job as an instructor, and as a condition of employment had to stop offering the free classes. She did, however, there have been a number of students from work that followed her to her new studio to continue practicing with her. What a great way to drum up business!

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