You Can’t Have a Party Without a Party Cake!

Published : 07/01/2009 19:10:18
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Five years ago, my brother and his wife threw a Halloween party. My son, three years old at the time, went dressed as Buzz Lightyear. My daughter, all of six months old, went as a kitten. It was tough to paint the whiskers on her face - we think the paint tickled.   It was a good mix of children and adults. We attended from my brother’s side of the family. His wife, my sister-in-law, had half a dozen nieces and nephews, and parents to match. My mother even came, dressed up as a grumpy old lady.

All of the attendees brought some kind of food or drink. There were a lot of biscuits and cupcakes. Sausage rolls were a big hit. There was, however, one item that was conspicuously absent, at least for one party attendee.

Eventually, the party wound down and it was time to go home. My son started to get agitated. He wanted to know when we were going to the party. We all looked at him, confused. Where had he been for the last three hours? How could he not understand that the party was over? His answer-we weren't really at a party. Why? "Because you can't have a party without cake!" No cake, no party!


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